Name Address City State Zip Code


Bill Farah 1690 Larkfield Avenue Westlake Village CA 93012-0000

Status Spouse or Significant Other  Children Grand Children Home Phone
Married Gemma Four: 1 Boy / 3 Girls None 805 379-4450
Occupation Employer Position Work Phone Mobile Phone Website
Manufacturer Americon Founder & CEO 805 987-0412 805 795-1583

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Farah Family


My favorite memories of St. Charles revolved around sports and an affinity to making the nun's life as miserable as they made mine.

Hobbies: Golf, fishing, boating, traveling, inventing & building things.


Born the second of four sons to Joe & Mary Farah, we resided in Toluca Lake. Went to St. Charles Grade School, Notre Dame High School and a crooked path of colleges until finally graduating from UCLA. I played a little V-ball but that's another story. As a single person, I worked in our family's business which was owning and operating a number of restaurants in Southern California. After getting married to my beloved Gemma in 1975, we were blessed with four children: Nicole, Billy, Monique and Danielle. I started a business called "Van Makers" that converted vans and motorhomes for car dealerships and private individuals. We also built radar systems vehicles for defense contractors and instant replay trailers for the entertainment industry.

As luck would have it, an opportunity arose to create a computer operations control center for an IBM customer. After a successful result, IBM began to recommend us to their clients and shortly afterwards "AMERICON" was born. So, for the last three decades, I've been building starship style command and control centers for large multi-national corporations, federal, state & local government emergency management agencies, Homeland Security, NASA's mission control along with a number of war rooms and security control centers. I've been blessed to have fallen into an occupation that I really enjoy. I don't see retirement in my near future as I am still having a ball doing what I do.

Gemma & I have a love for entertaining and we thank God that we have been able to do things in our Odyssey of Life that contribute to keeping family and friends together. And that's our "Shabadah".