Where the idea for the Forty-Sixers came from?

During World War II, many soldiers from all across country were stationed on the west coast. A number of them came from the east and were stationed in and around Southern California. After the war was over, they returned home and made babies. Almost immediately afterwards, they headed back to the west coast to seek their fortunes in the land that they had learned to love.

Joe and Mary Farah were among those who packed up their families and returned to SoCal in 1946. Most all of their friends and relatives sooner or later were to follow. They found that there were many other families like themselves who did the same. These young families began to meet socially and formed common bonds that would last a lifetime. Once here, they decided to create a social club and throw parties, picnics, dances and other social events on a monthly basis. They named their club "The Forty-Sixers". The club flourished as new families joined in. At its apex, there were over three hundred families involved and for many their whole social life revolved around the club. The club lasted for many, many years but began to decline as the membership aged and finally faded away. Those were great times for many of us and it was only natural that we would keep these memories locked in our hearts.

Well, it's our turn! After the unprecedented and improbable reunions that brought us back together, so much momentum was created to renew old friendships that we've decided to revive this successful model. The spirit of the "Forty-Sixers" is alive and well again and this time it's all of us old friends and classmates who were born in and around 1946, their friends and people who feel that they have common threads with us.

And that's another "Shabadah"